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Community of Shared Responsibility July 11, 2019

Community of Shared Responsibility

Although the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed by China, participation of other countries along the proposed routes and related countries is indispensable to its implementation. Divergent national interests and priorities, as well as unforeseen events, could present a serious challenge. Broad-based consultation is therefore essential. Only through joint efforts and shared responsibility can any threat to progress be neutralized. From this perspective it is agreed that responsibilities could vary depending on different levels of participation.

The Chinese leadership has repeatedly affirmed that the Belt and Road is an undertaking shared by many, rather than being driven by China alone; and the process of creating such a network is a collaborative undertaking, rather than a solo performance by China.

As a sponsor, China is ready and willing to act in good faith toward its partners, honor its commitments, and fulfill its responsibilities.


“一带一路”倡议由中国提出,但需要沿线国家和相关国家共同参与建设。在推动落实倡议的过程中,相关各方会有不同侧重的利益考虑,也会遇到各种难以预料的问题,这就需要大家集思广益。各国须携手应对面临的挑战,合力化解存在的威胁,共同承担产生的责任。当然,由于各国参与的深度和方式有所不同,承担的责任也不尽相同。中国领导人多次表态,“一带一路”建设不是中国的后花园,而是百花园;不是中国的独奏曲, 而是各方的协奏曲。作为倡议方,中国会诚心诚意对待沿线国家,做到言必信、行必果,承担起应尽的责任。