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Steering Group for the Belt and Road Initiative July 11, 2019

Steering Group for the Belt and Road Initiative

Implementing the Belt and Road Initiative is a massive undertaking. Domestically, it involves a wide range of government agencies, businesses and civil society organizations. Many projects are likely to extend over years. Integrated planning and guidance are essential. A steering group for the Belt and Road Initiative has thus been established at the national level to study important issues related to planning, policy, and projects, and to provide guidance and coordination in the implementation of the initiative. Currently headed by Vice Premier Han Zheng, the group consists of representatives from China's government agencies including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce. The secretariat of the steering group, which is placed under the National Development and Reform Commission, is responsible for the day-to-day work of the group. Ministerial and provincial level steering groups have also been established, each headed by a key member of the leadership team of the ministry or province (autonomous region or municipality) concerned.


“一带一路”建设是一项宏大系统工程,仅在中国国内,它所涉及的政府机构、企业和社会组织就非常广泛,“一带一路”建设的很多项目跨越时间也很长,因此需要加强组织和领导,统筹做好各方面的工作。为此,中国政府专门成立了推进“一带一路”建设工作领导小组,负责审议“一带一路”建设工作的重大规划、政策、项目和相关问题,指导和协调落实“一带一路”合作倡议。该领导小组现任组长由中共中央政治局常委、国务院副总理韩正担任。外交部、商务部等是该小组的成员单位。该小组办公室设在国家发展改革委员会,具体承担领导小组日常工作。此外,在中国的相关部委和省(自治区、直辖市)政府层面,也成立了推进“一带一路”建设工作领导小组,一般是由相关部委和省(自治区、直辖市) 主要领导担任负责人。