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Greater Transparency in the Exercise of Power March 16, 2018

Greater Transparency in the Exercise of Power

Power is susceptible to abuse at all levels if it is not subject to constraints and oversight. Greater transparency in the exercise of power requires an improved system of checks and balances, and greater participation of the people in monitoring the way in which authority is used, so as to ensure that government departments and agencies exercise power within their respective mandates and in accordance with procedural requirements. In addition to more constraints on power, it entails rational separation and distribution of powers. It is important to put in place a sound system and implementation mechanisms through which different functions are performed by different government departments, agencies or individuals. Oversight should be stepped up, and the performance of government functions, particularly by those who hold top positions at all levels, should be placed under more rigorous scrutiny. Internal oversight should also be strengthened, and so should administrative supervision, auditing and onsite inspections. The presence of commissions for discipline inspection should be extended to all Party and state bodies, and onsite inspections should cover all government departments, state enterprises and public institutions nationwide. To increase transparency, a complete list of powers should be established for governments at all levels and their functional departments, and procedures for exercising power made public in accordance with the law. Oversight by the people is essential to ensuring greater accountability and appropriate exercise of public authority. Any move to strengthen checks and balances and oversight must be accompanied by measures to ensure the independence and authority of commissions for discipline inspection in performing their duties.