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Exchanges and Mutual Learning Between Civilizations March 16, 2018

Exchanges and Mutual Learning Between Civilizations

China promotes exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations. Such exchanges and mutual learning are necessitated by the diverse nature of civilizations, premised on the principle of equality, and propelled by a healthy dose of inclusiveness. While the world we inhabit is characterized by diversity in terms of culture, ethnicity, skin colors, religions and social systems, people across the world increasingly find themselves in a community with a shared future, with their interests interlocked. It is therefore crucial to promote mutual respect and harmonious coexistence between civilizations. Exchanges and mutual learning can be a bridge of friendship between peoples, a driver of progress for humanity and a bond of world peace. There is great promise in tapping the wisdom and power of world civilizations to find moral support and cultural inspiration for our joints efforts to address challenges facing humanity.