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Innovation-driven development March 16, 2018

Innovation-driven development

As one of the five concepts for development put forward by China's leadership, innovation-driven development focuses on what drives China's development. Consideredthe most critical growth driver, innovation should be encouraged so as to propel the country's transition from an input-driven economy to one driven by innovation, and from relying on expansion of scale to increasing efficiency. Efforts should be made to accelerate the process of building a development model for an economy driven and sustained by innovation.

During the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020) period, China will rely on innovation to boost its growth and reinforce its creativity. It will foster new driving forces, and expand the space for development in its implementation of the strategy of innovation-driven development. Modernization of agriculture will proceed full steam ahead, together with initiatives to build a new economic structure and a new institutional base that facilitates development, and encourage innovative improvements in macro-regulation.


作为"五大发展理念"之一。创新发展注重的是解决中国发展的动力问题。中国领导人把创新作为引领发展的第一动力,期望以此实现从要素驱动转向创新驱动、从依赖规模扩张转向提高质量效益,加快形成以创新为主要引领和支撑的经济体系和发展模式。 "十三五"期间,中国将把发展基点放在创新上,增强自主创新能力,并从培育发展新动力、拓展发展新空间、深入实施创新驱动发展战略、大力推进农业现代化、构建产业新体系、构建发展新体制、创新和完善宏观调控方式等七个着力点,绘制、实施创新发展的路线图。