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Kazakhstan: "Bright Road" Initiative March 16, 2018

Kazakhstan: "Bright Road" Initiative


In November 2014, President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan announced an economic policy called "Bright Road," intended to spur the country's economic growth by means of large-scale investment.


The “Bright Road” Initiative plans to spend US$9 billion over a period of three years on transport, logistics, industrial and energy infrastructure, public facilities, water and heating supply, housing, public services, and small and medium enterprises. The huge investment will upgrade Kazakhstan's transport network and make the country a global transit corridor connecting markets in China, Europe and the Middle East.

“光明之路”计划在三年之内将90亿美元分配到运输物流业建设、工业和能源基础设施建设、公共设施和水热供应网络改善、住房和社会基础设施建设、中小型企业扶持等方面。“光明之路”的核心在于对运输和物流基础设施项目的大规模投资,目的在于发展哈萨克斯坦的国内运输网络,并将哈萨克斯坦打造成连接中国、 欧洲与中东各大市场的全球交通走廊。

Kazakhstan's decision-makers expect that the initiative will double the freight transported through the country to China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe, to 33 million tons per year. They and their Chinese counterparts agree that the “Bright Road” Initiative and the Belt and Road Initiative are complementary and mutually reinforcing. They have expressed a strong desire to seek a better alignment of the two, and practical measures are being taken in this regard.