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The spirit of entrepreneurship December 2, 2020

The spirit of entrepreneurship 

Since China launched reform and opening up in the late 1970s, a large number of entrepreneurs have emerged, creating and leading enterprises and building strong core competitiveness. They have made a significant contribution to social wealth, creating jobs, promoting social and economic development, and increasing China's overall strength.

Xi Jinping has on different occasions talked about entrepreneurship and the roles and skills of business people. This shows the central leadership's attention to this group. Xi points out that further reform will release the potential vigor of the market, while market vigor comes from people, particularly business people and their entrepreneurial spirit.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is characterized by patriotism, professional dedication, law-abiding conduct, diligent work, innovation, pursuit of quality, and the courage to shoulder obligations and serve society. To foster entrepreneurship under the market economy, there needs to be a sound legal environment that enables entrepreneurs to focus on business development—one that respects them and encourages their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.