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The spirit of afforestation workers on Saihanba Highland December 2, 2020

The spirit of afforestation workers on Saihanba Highland

Saihanba, some 450 km to the north of Beijing, was a barren place until a forest farm was set up there in 1962. Since then, three generations of forest workers have devoted themselves to afforestation. Today, there are 7.5 million hectares of planted forest, releasing 550,000 tons of oxygen a year and supplying 137 million cubic meters of clean water to Beijing. Saihanba has become an ecological screen for the capital city.

Over more than half a century, the Saihanba afforestation workers have endured untold hardships and dedicated themselves to their mission. 

In August 2017, Xi Jinping issued an instruction on carrying on the spirit of the afforestation workers in pursuing green development, to build China into a beautiful country and leave to future generations a pleasant environment with blue skies, green mountains, and clear waters.