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The spirit of the "Iron Man" December 2, 2020

The spirit of the "Iron Man"

Wang Jinxi (1927-1970) was a model worker in China's Daqing Oilfield. He was known as an "Iron Man" for his patriotic determination to share the nation's burdens and win honor for the people. He said, "I would rather give up 20 years of life to win China the production of oil on its land." To this end, Wang honed his skills in pursuit of excellence and did everything possible to achieve the impossible, believing that such achievements would stand the test of future generations. With the strength of an ox, he served the Party and the people wholeheartedly all his life.

The spirit of the "Iron Man" epitomizes the spirit of the Daqing Oilfield, the mindset of China's working class, and the virtues of the Chinese people.