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The spirit of combating COVID-19 December 2, 2020

The spirit of combating COVID-19

In September 2020, China held a meeting to commend those who had performed as role models in the battle against the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. In his speech to the meeting, Xi Jinping summarized the nation's spirit of combating the COVID-19 epidemic as putting people's lives first, nationwide solidarity, self-sacrifice, respecting science, and a sense of mission for humanity.

Putting people's lives above everything else is an enduring Chinese tradition. It also reflects the CPC's commitment to people-centered development.

Nationwide solidarity meant that all of China's 1.4 billion people, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, age and occupation, plunged into the battle and became a formidable force against the epidemic.

Many people showed great courage and risked their own lives to save others in the face of this dangerous virus.

Respecting science is the responsible attitude shown by the Chinese people toward disease control.

A sense of mission for humanity is embodied by the Chinese people's willing acceptance of responsibility for themselves and for all others around the world.

The spirit of combating COVID-19 is a manifestation of the longstanding culture of the Chinese nation. It is a continuation of patriotism and collectivism. At the meeting to commend the role models, Xi Jinping issued a call to promote this spirit throughout society, and transform it into the strength required to build a modern socialist country and achieve national rejuvenation.