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The spirit of westward academic relocation December 2, 2020

The spirit of westward academic relocation

In 1955, the central authorities decided to move part of the Jiaotong University from the coastal city of Shanghai to the inland city of Xi'an to support socialist development and national defense. The relocation was not completed until 1959, with a new campus erected in the wheat fields of suburban Xi'an. After that the university had two campuses: one in Shanghai and the other in Xi'an.

A large number of faculty members in the fields of industry, transport, infrastructure, finance and trade, culture, health, and the military have since made great contributions to the development of west China. Today the Xi'an campus has grown into an important talent bank and a leader in education and scientific research in the western regions.

The spirit of westward academic relocation represented by Jiaotong's faculty can be summarized as considering first and foremost the national interest, making selfless contributions, carrying on traditions, and pioneering with hard work. Their noble character is fully demonstrated through their devotion to education in support of national rejuvenation.

Xi Jinping has spoken highly of this spirit, the core of which is patriotism and following Party leadership. He encourages Jiaotong's teachers to carry on this spirit and its graduates to render service and pursue their careers in the places where they are most needed.