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The spirit of Chinese scientists December 2, 2020

The spirit of Chinese scientists

Chinese scientists, and the progress they make in science and technology, have always been a matter of great concern to President Xi. He has praised their spirit on many occasions. This advocacy was translated into a document, issued in June 2019, on carrying forward the spirit of Chinese scientists and enhancing academic integrity. The document defined the spirit of Chinese scientists in the new era as patriotism, innovation, truth-seeking, dedication, teamwork, and promoting young successors.

Patriotism is what inspires scientists to work for the country and the people.

Innovation is what distinguishes them as scientists who dare to be pioneers and persevere in tackling key problems in their research.

Seeking truth is a trait of scientists who are meticulous in research.

Dedication reflects their strength of character as they devote themselves to research for the public good and are heedless of fame and fortune.

Effective teamwork is essential to pool the wisdom of all in an era of globalization.

The will and effort of veteran scientists to foster and promote young scholars is essential to China's future.

Speaking to a symposium with scientists in early September 2020, President Xi said that scientists could make no progress without a strong mental support, and their spirit is a valuable asset created and passed down through years of work and research.