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National strategy of integrated military and civilian development March 16, 2018

National strategy of integrated military and civilian development

Addressing the plenary session of the military delegates to the Third Session of the 12th National People's Congress in March 2015, Xi Jinping announced his intention to upgrade the integration of military and civilian development to a national strategy. The following October the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee made the decision "to implement a strategy of integrated military and civilian development and create a wide-ranging and efficient structure of development encompassing all factors." This was hailed as a major step forward in determining the best ways to manage the natural laws governing the balanced development of the country's economy and its military forces.

The goal of the strategy is to balance economic prosperity and military strength in order that each supports the other. During the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020), China will reinforce its plans at the highest levels of leadership, include the overall needs of national defense and military build-up in its overall plans for economic and social development, and improve relevant regulatory policies and laws. It will also invigorate competition by breaking the monopoly of military enterprises and improving market access for civilian businesses, while guaranteeing security, confidentiality, and value for money.



实施军民融合发展战略,关键在于统筹经济建设和国防建设,使经济建设与国防建设相互促进、相互支撑,实现富国和强军的统一。 为了实施好该战略,“十三五”期间,中国一方面将在国家层面加强顶层设计,把国防和军队建设规划的宏观需求纳入经济社会发展规划,并完善配套政策法规制度,加大法规建设力度。另一方面也将引入竞争激发活力,打破军工垄断体制、降低民企准入门槛、强化安全保密监管,确保资源投入有质量有效益。