Chinese, Greek musicians build communication bridge at Athens concert

Xinhua | January 16, 2023


The "China-Hellas Young Musicians Concert", brought together by Greek and Chinese young musicians performing classical and contemporary music on Saturday evening, featured an impressive convergence of Sino-Greek melodies.

The event, held at the Athens Conservatoire, was co-organized by the Athens Conservatoire, the Athens State Orchestra, the Chinese embassy in Athens, the China Cultural Center in Athens, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchange Center and the Sino-Hellenic Investors' Confederation.

The concert, which helped build a cultural bridge between the two countries, was staged to strengthen bilateral communication through culture and celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, organizers said.

Chinese Ambassador to Greece Xiao Junzheng said this was the first time Chinese young musicians in Greece collaborated with Greek high-level institutions and professionals, and expressed hope for more exchanges to deepen bilateral understanding.

In 2023, the two countries will continue to celebrate the China-Greece Year of Culture and Tourism, Xiao said.

"Music is a language without borders ... it is universal. I think it is a very good way to use music to combine the emotions and cultures of the two peoples," Jie Jiao, organist and a Chinese lived in Greece, told Xinhua.

"We should celebrate (the) difference. With a zither we can hear so different music pieces ... We are different and it is marvelous," said pianist Ruijun Ma, who lived in Greece for seven years.

"Today's experience is enthralling," Mimis Armoutis, student of the Athens Conservatoire, told Xinhua, describing the cooperation on stage with Chinese artists for the first time.

Music encourages exchanges and bonding, Giorgos Gionakis said, A Chinese may get inspiration from Greek composers' music pieces and adapt them to his or her own music.